Burn To Black Call It Quits, Play Final Show This Saturday

Burn To Black Call It Quits, Play Final Show This Saturday
Canada will sadly be losing yet another of its finest heavy metal purveyors, as Toronto, ON-based outfit Burn To Black are calling it quits this Saturday (November 29) when they make their final performance in their hometown at the legendary El Mocambo.

While no official reason has been cited, over the years the quintet have brought on some of the city's most explosive ragers, ensuring that they were thrust into the annals of extreme Canadian music with a bang. The likes of old school throwbacks Cauldron (who have recently signed to metal behemoth Earache Records), doom-dirge masters Legion 666 and Starring Janet Leigh will support. A paltry ten dollars gets you in the door and your eardrums effectively blown.

Blazing a path with their hybrid of thrash, death and hints of black metal, Burn To Black first struck in 2002, releasing an eponymous EP in 2004, which garnered immediate international notoriety. Bolstered by their inclusion in bassist Sam Dunn's cinematic opus Metal: A Headbanger's Journey (the band are rounded out by guitarist Paul Harrington, vocalist Rob Ouellette, guitarist Alex Zubair and drummer Alan Madhavan), their debut full-length, Mach 666, made great waves, leading to performances with such luminaries as Sodom, Destruction, Municipal Waste and Into Eternity.

Catch them now, 'cause after November 29, Burn To Black will have effectively lived up to their name.

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