Buried, Animal Kingdom and Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work Lead This Week's DVD Review Roundup

<i>Buried</i>, <i>Animal Kingdom</i> and <i>Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work</i> Lead This Week's DVD Review Roundup
In this week's DVD roundup, we have Edward Norton sporting cornrows and speaking of the various places Milla Jovovich will "take it," 90-minutes of an effeminate pretty boy trapped in a box (irony optional) and a 75-year-old comedienne saying horrifying and hilarious things about insipid celebrities. To learn more, you need look no further than the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section, where you will find our take on the latest titles lining the shelves of your local video store.

First, we have a review of the Australian crime family opus, Animal Kingdom, which injects low-key realism and constant gut-wrenching surprise into a genre that often relies on cliché. Given Exclaim!'s Mark of Excellence by our reviewer, this overlooked gem may be the perfect rental for those looking to watch something that fully invests. Also overlooked this year was the Rodrigo Cortes thriller Buried (pictured), which our reviewer calls "uncompromising, well-paced, acted and shot," despite being little more than Ryan Reynolds in a box for an hour and a half.

Another film that surprised with its complexity and engagement is the documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, which also received the Exclaim! Mark of Excellence, detailing a year in the life of the famed comedienne known mostly, of late, for her excess plastic surgery. We also have a review of the low-key religious morality play, Stone. Read our review to see why this mostly ignored title might be worth your while, and learn a little about Robert De Niro's apparent sexiness.

If you're looking to appease a younger audience, you might be interested in the animated Alpha & Omega, wherein two wolves from different class systems get their flirt on. Also animated (only partially) is the Ginsberg biopic Howl. Don't show this one to the kiddies, though, since the animation is more of the ejaculating penis and gaping fundament variety.

Speaking of phallic symbols, we also have reviews of male aggression flicks Machete and Raging Bull, which take very different approaches to relatively similar themes.

For these DVD releases and more, be sure to check out the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section.