The Burial Lights and Perfections

The Burial eschew many of the stereotypes attached to Christian metal. For reasons that remain unexplained, followers of Christ seem to prefer metalcore, a more virulent than violent strain of metal, to any other. One could speculate that the reason comes from the lessons of Jesus's "core" teaching of love, though if this album were any indication, Jesus must have also preached, "practice your instruments." Yes, the Burial are a Christian technical death metal band with a melodic edge and the occasional breakdown for good measure. Their new album, Lights and Perfections, is bookended by tracks bearing half its title, "Lights" and "Perfections," respectively, which perfectly encompass the sound of the album. Similar to peers such as Allegaeon, Arsis and the Faceless, but simultaneously in a class of their own as seemingly the only faith-based band doing this, the Burial have placed themselves at the top of the heap. Even if that heap is only made up of one band. (Facedown)