Bunnydrums PKD / Simulacra

Twenty years ago, there was a band called Bunnydrums. They were from Philadelphia, although people thought they came from the UK. In the post-Joy Division days of doom and gloom post-punk, they were just dark enough to not be new wave, but rhythmic and hyper enough not to be lumped in with the goths. Their guitars crunched and scratched, their bass lines slapped and funked. Their drums pounded steady beats and their cymbals crashed in an angst-y fashion. David Goerk’s vocals often resembled the Rotten ones of Public Image Limited, but were thankfully not as annoying. They sang about, well, not really much of anything at all, but they did it so well, that 20 years later industrial label Metropolis Records took 19 re-mastered songs spanning the band’s 1980 to ’86 history and packaged them up all nice for everyone to hear. When people heard the Bauhaus-y rawness and minimalism of the production, they all wondered why this act wasn’t more popular first time around. Now all the people were happy because they had a new post-punk band to enjoy. (Metropolis)