Bukky Leo & Black Egypt Afrobeat Visions

Stalwart acid jazz saxophonist and Afrobeat mainstay Bukky Leo is a walking piece of musical history. From his days of blowing with the legendary Fela Kuti, operating under the tutelage of Tony Allen, and defining acid jazz as a genre alongside Gilles Peterson, to his more recent successes in the US, the Nigerian born musician has always had something positive to contribute his movement on choice. Today that happens to be representing Afrobeat on the world stage, as he demonstrates here with his current group Black Egypt. Afrobeat Visions draws together Bukky’s many influences, from house to soul to jazz — all tinged with his unique Afro-rhythmic stylings. An interesting interpretation of Timmy Thomas’ soul classic "Why Can’t We Live Together” injects some welcomed variety in this disc, as does the soca feel of album closer "His Majesty.” What really draws you into this record, though, are the singer’s playful vocals, as Bukky utilises the percussive sounds of his words for maximum effect. There’s no question why the man has been considered so influential for so long. Afrobeat Visions is a slice of what has made Bukky Leo such a recognisable force in the global Afrobeat movement. (Mr. Bongo)