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General Dome

Buke and GaseGeneral Dome
The buke and gase are the instruments, and Buke and Gase make the music. Here are the basics: the duo epitomize Brooklyn, NY's DIY tendencies by building their own gear (the buke is a baritone ukulele, while the gase is a guitar, plus bass), and the results shout for themselves. It's the grind'n'swarm of a bustling building site being bombarded by noise bombs and hard rock artillery. On "General Dome" and "Split Like a Lip, No Blood on the Beard," querulous gase rhythms pin down niggling Battles licks and Arone Dyer's tumbling-up-the-staircase yelps while your sense of direction struggles to keep pace. Despite the band's technically minimal setup, the array of sounds they make is maximal. But beneath it all there's a kind of cacophonous elegance — a system of abrasive parts that runs on gently tumultuous dynamics and skew-wop melodies. The pivotal fact of General Dome is that Buke and Gase make music of such absurdly catchy dimensions that it's almost avant-garde. Alongside Tune-Yards and Micachu & the Shapes, the pair are making strummable instruments sound new again, and it sounds like redemption. Proceed frantically and without caution.

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