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A Generation of Books

Build BuildingsA Generation of Books
In 2001, Christian Fennesz released Endless Summer, a magnificent representation of electronic music crafted from bits of processed guitar. (The title track of that album is beauty incarnate.)
Still, 14 years later, producers are trying to capture that lushness and weave it into their own worlds of sound. It's nigh on impossible, and Ben Tweel — in his Build Buildings guise — understands this. So, while he indeed nods toward the Austrian demigod with A Generation of Books, he manages to wring his own universe from his guitar/laptop palette. Serving up bouncy beats with lead-off track "May You Fall on Soft Ground," blasting off into glitch country in "Demba" and getting soulful on "Heavy Water," Tweel shows that he's capable of hopping in and out of any number of stylistic tropes with his clever music.
Sure, Christian Fennesz he's not; Tweel doesn't really care. He's happy — and successful — enough being Build Buildings. (Audiobulb)
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