Build Buildings Ceiling Lights From Street

Columbus, OH native Ben Tweel is a bright light in the information highway where every year more and more fellow electronic travellers throw up websites and post downloadable tracks, then idle in the traffic jam. Tweel may be on the verge of finding a less encumbered lane. Ceiling Lights From Street evokes nostalgia for labels like Mille Plateaux and Force Inc., whose artists flirted with the very outer periphery of dance rhythms, where beats slipped and cracked. Like them, Tweel spools melody through the stuttering so that the brain’s leaps for continuity easily turn into slow head bobbing. Tracks like "Let’s Go” let their little sizzles and back skips slide smoothly over the dampened music box keyboards and warm, droning swells. The sharper pieces, like "Letter Codes,” often borrow the ghost of a hip-hop backbeat to crystallize the rhythm. "Skatal,” on the other hand, is the music of standing still and letting the room revolve around you. Build Buildings may not be reinventing the wheel exactly but he certainly knows how to ride it. (Independent)