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The BugExit
Kevin Martin produced around 147 demos for Angels & Devils, his first album under the name of the Bug since 2008, and its followup EP gives a peek into his editing process. Exit collects two of the most epic tracks from Angels & Devils: "Void" featuring Liz Harris (Grouper) and "Function" featuring Manga, which were subsequently joined forever in a Creators Project video. The notable part is that this EP adds another collaboration with Harris called "Black Wasp" and the perfectly titled "Blaow" featuring Daddy Freddy, as well as deep dub versions of both Harris tracks.

You can hear why these tracks were cut from the full-length, but that says nothing of their quality, only their context. Neither "Black Wasp," an ethereal track that lands closer to progressive synth-pop territory than the more dramatic "Void," nor "Blaow," a groovier political creep than Daddy Freddy's ultraviolent "Kill Them" collaboration from the record, would have fit the carefully crafted narrative Martin chiselled out of that demo pile for Angels & Devils. Yet, on this EP, they work perfectly, making Exit a valued companion to the LP and a distinctive release in its own right. (Ninja Tune)
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