Buckle Bros. Underground Superstars

The whole "staying true to hip-hop” slant is starting to get a little tiresome, but the fact is that most crews who preach about the golden age do in fact to come correct with the beats and rhymes. The Buckle Bros. will make you reminisce about Twin Hype as these two are actual brothers from the same mother and have been kicking things in Bay Area since the ’80s. With influences such as Three Times Dope, the brothers Buckle make good on the beats with plenty of neck-snapping to be found, but like most crews keeping the spirit of hip-hop alive things don’t really sound that original though would have killed in 1992. ITF champ DJ Flip provides tonnes of blistering cuts for the pair to rhyme over, but their flows aren’t really that compelling, especially with lines about blowing up like their cocks on Botox. There are some great moments that aren’t just the tight production, including a somewhat sentimental "Product of Divorce,” as the brothers dig deep and recall how their parent’s separation affected them as children, and the numerous shout outs to true building artists that shaped hip-hop rather than what some kids today deem "old school.” Underground Superstars is a nice record by some hungry brothers who have definitely been a part of the game since the glory days, but even though they come tight with the beats and party rhymes it does come off a little boring in 2006. Still, you have to acknowledge their heart, especially at the very end when they give a shout out to Drive Savers for recovering their album from their toasted hard drive. (DHD)