Buckethitch Filthy Little Bastards

This is an interesting indie release here from Winnipeg’s Buckethitch. Of course, interesting could also describe a finger covered in warts, which is pretty much what this is the audio equivalent of. And I mean that in the nicest way, as this little curio is worthy of a spin or two if you’re into the more quirky, angular side of heavy punk/near-metal. With big grooves, strange ideas, talented playing, and a thumping bass-heavy sound, I’m finding it hard to avoid mentioning NoMeansNo here. Trouble is, that band generally drives me up the wall with frustration, as in theory I love ‘em, but on my stereo they make me want to jump out the window onto the unforgiving pavement below. Ditto for this fucking band, as these 13 songs confound, confuse, impress and occasionally please, even as I’m promising myself to never put this on my stereo again. (Independent)