Bucket Full of Teeth IV

It’s amazing the bands that come, go, are completely unknown outside of local geography/message boards, break-up and have posthumous works released before you can say "who?” Of course, with two members of seminal noise purveyors the Orchid at the helm, Bucket Full of Teeth shouldn’t be that anonymous to people. And yet, releasing only three seven-inches and an EP, and playing six shows ever will do that to you. With IV as their last will and testament (barring the ever more in vogue reunion), the aptly named unit (because you’ll be missing teeth after getting kicked in the face by these monstrosities) deliver an impressive sonic decimation in roughly 16 minutes. With the trademark spazz of the Orchid present, ambient elements are incorporated along with power-violence calamity, doomy distorted moments, Southern style groove, clean moments reminiscent of Hot Cross and a loose yet hectic atheistic, IV is a punishing listen that breaks up its attack with experimentation. Unfortunately, when listening to IV, you get the distinct feeling that the surface of what could come was just being scratched. (Level Plane)