Buck 65 Forms New Band Called Bike For Three!

Buck 65 Forms New Band Called Bike For Three!
Avant hip-hop maestro Buck 65 has dropped a tasty bit of news. Apparently, ol' Buck has a new band called Bike For Three!, which is a joint project between the Nova Scotia MC/CBC DJ and Belgium's Joëlle Phuong Minh Lê (aka Greeting From Tuskan). And check it out, the pair even have a debut full-length already all lined up and ready to go.

Dubbed More Heart Than Brains, the forthcoming Bike For Three! record is due out on May 19 via Buck 65's old label home of Anticon, which hasn't released one of his albums since 2001's Man Overboard. According to a statement from the group, the two Bike For Three! band-mates have never met each other in person and made this entire record through the Postal Service method. It also says Buck 65 has dropped his traditional narrative forms for this record, instead opting for a more intimate, stream-of-consciousness approach, which "mines the craggier depths of romance both requited and out-of-reach, real and imagined." Put in simpler terms, More Heart Than Brains claims to be Buck 65's most personal record yet.

If you want a taste of the album, you can download the track "All There Is To Say About Love" for the cost of free over here.

There's no word yet if the two musicians will pair up for any kind of live activity but here are the tracks on More Heart Than Brains:

1. "Beginning"
2. "All There Is To Say About Love"
3. "Lazarus Phenomenon"
4. "Nightdriving"
5. "There Is Only One Of Us"
6. "No Idea How"
7. "Always I Will Miss You. Always You."
8. "The Departure"
9. "First Embrace"
10. "Can Feel Love (Anymore)"
11. "One More Time Forever"
12. "MC Space"
13. "Let's Never Meet"
14. "More Heart Than Brains"
15. "Ending"