Buck 65

Laundromat Boogie

Buck 65Laundromat Boogie
Jorun Bombay sneaks out a new Buck 65 album to coincide with the release of Neverlove, Buck's sixth album for Warner Music Canada and his first in three years. With his major label release marketed as Buck's divorce album, Laundromat Boogie is an appropriate accompaniment, as this indie project with Halifax pioneer producer Jorun Bombay revolves around laundry and the laundromat. After all, what is the process of doing laundry if not a cleansing?

Buck uses the laundromat and the process of doing laundry as metaphors for love and sex, mixed with plenty of braggadocio. Bombay's beats are fun, old school-inspired boom bap with cuts that perfectly suit the theme. Opening track "So Fresh" is a tough throwback to Buck's Language Arts and Vertex days, while "Soap and Water" channels MC Shan over an old style Haltown beat. [It also parodies Prince Paul-produced Stetsasonic track "Pen and Paper" - Ed.] He tackles lost love on jazzy "A Million Little Pieces," gets literary on minimal "Dirty Books" and connects laundry to the physical and emotional intimacy of a relationship on ballads "Clean Sheets" and "Laundry Together." "Laundromat Boogie" may not be a club hit like "Super Pretty Naughty," but the funky beat and sexy lyrics will definitely get you to "shake it, shake it, shake it up."

Even the two commercial interludes, one a DJ track demonstrating Jorun's turntable skills and the other a cut-and-paste rap ode to Buck 65, are interesting and entertaining while uniquely injecting the laundromat theme into the usual hip-hop formulas. When you need some Buck 65 music to liven up your next party or laundry day, reach for Laundromat Boogie. (Jorun Records)
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