Bryan Ferry "Soldier of Fortune" (ft. Johnny Marr)

Bryan Ferry 'Soldier of Fortune' (ft. Johnny Marr)
Don't let the oddly timed reveal that Roxy Music had broken up bring you down, as lead singer Bryan Ferry has his solo set Avonmore landing in a couple of weeks. For now, you can sample the glam rock vet's latest sneak peek, a world-weary jam called "Soldier of Fortune."

Ferry whispers his lines throughout the subtle yet sweaty blues-rock cut, talking about the people he left behind in the heat of the night. He sums up scenarios of seeing past loves, realizing that things might not have been so bad as initially perceived ("I had the world on a string and I threw it all away"). Johnny Marr supplies the supple six-string bends and heart-breaking hammer-ons.

As previously reported, Avonmore also features guest appearances from Nile Rodgers, Ronnie Spector and more. The album lands November 17 via BMG.