Bruno Capinan

Tudo Está Dito

Bruno CapinanTudo Está Dito
The sombre samba melody, resolute percussion, and words of resilient optimism heard in the opening verses of Tudo Está Dito set the tone for much of Brazilian native Bruno Capinan's full-length followup to 2010's Gozo. Recorded almost entirely in Brazil with all songs sung in Portuguese this time around, the Toronto-based artist's new compositions present a more conventional link to his homeland stylistically than some of his past work, with stripped-down samba-rock, bossa, brief moments of maracatu, and other MPB touches swapping positions behind Capinan's reflective, conversational lyricism. A general sense of longing and lament pervades songs like "Vá," "De Manhã" and the breezy "Sambolento," which finds Capinan in a delicate exchange with Brazilian singer-songwriter Mallu Magalhães.

Those early feelings are eventually fragmented by the more impulsive "Cio," and later distracted by the sea and surf scenes of Rio de Janeiro on the comparatively sunny and spirited "Outra Onda." Inventive guitar lines, reserved yet incredibly detailed percussive blends and a host of other more subtle musical effects and incursions reverberate from each track to colour the singer's generally reflective sentiment with a refined groove that introduces new ear-perking infections with each compositional shift. All of this serves as a perfect pairing for Capinan's supple vocals and poetic wordplay, and help to make what at its core is a very contemplative soundtrack feel vibrant, and a pleasure to return to. (Independent)
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