Bruce Springsteen Shares New Trump Protest Song

"That's What Makes Us Great" takes on immigration and truth distortion
Bruce Springsteen Shares New Trump Protest Song
Bruce Springsteen hasn't been shy when it comes to vocalizing his dislike of the current United States president, but he's now put his thoughts into song alongside collaborator Joe Grushecky for "That's What Makes Us Great."

The protest song was recorded with Grushecky's Houserockers as the backing band and takes aim at Donald Trump's policies surrounding immigration and "alternative facts." At one point, the Boss sings, "And don't you brag to me, that you never read a book / I never put my faith in a con man and his crooks."

"I had this song, and Bruce and I had been talking," Grushecky explained to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "I sent it to him and he liked it. I said, 'What do you think about singing on it?' He gave it the Bruce treatment."

He added, "[Trump] lost me the moment he started making fun of special needs people. How could a person like that be president of the United States? Regardless of all the other [stuff], that to me is appalling. I have special needs people in my family and in my neighborhood. I worked with special needs people my whole life and I was really offended by it."

"That's What Makes Us Great" premiered this morning through Sirius XM Radio. It can be heard on Grushecky's website before it arrives on streaming services.