Bruce Peninsula "Pull Me Under" (video)

Bruce Peninsula 'Pull Me Under' (video)
Now that we've had a few weeks to soak in Bruce Peninsula's Open Flames, the Toronto-based collective have unveiled the latest video from their sophomore LP. This one is for the expansive, gospel-tinged stomper "Pull Me Under," a track that boasts some lush choral harmonies and thundering drums.

The accompanying video is a kaleidoscopic mind-bender that's largely made up of quickly intercut water and forest imagery. It's a visually compelling clip, despite the fact that it's almost impossible to make out what's going on. In other words, this isn't your average performance video.

The video was directed by Lara Mrkoci and BP's own Neil Haverty, who offered up the following statement about this clip:

The whole idea for the video came from one very windy day on the ferry between Toronto Island and the city. The water was so violent and this big boat was moving so aggressively through it. The day before the water had been totally still, and the change in attitude was very surprising. I became obsessed with taping bodies of water after that and ended up with tons of footage.

We debated how to get the band into the video. At one point I was planning on spraying everyone in the face with a hose and filming it. In the end, we decided we could get something good and keep dry.

Reflection was something I had wanted to try for a long time and I definitely got excited about it. Maybe I even went a bit overboard. But I'll never do again; the editing process took way longer than it should have. If you look at these images for too long, too close, you definitely start to feel a little crazy. I'm proud of it, but I'm very glad it can leave my brain now.

Bruce Peninsula are currently on tour in Ontario. See the upcoming dates below.

Tour dates:

11/23 Guelph, ON - Ebar
11/24 Hamilton, ON - Casbah
11/25 London, ON - APK
11/26 Peterborough, ON - Gordon Best

Bruce Peninsula - Pull Me Under from Hand Drawn Dracula on Vimeo.