Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis' Wire Offshoot Gets the Reissue Treatment

Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis' Wire Offshoot Gets the Reissue Treatment
More than 30 years after their original release, Wire members Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis are having their two team-ups as B.C. Gilbert · G. Lewis reissued through archival imprint Superior Viaduct.

The project arose in the early '80s after Wire went on hiatus and after the two songwriters had delivered work as both Cupol and Dome. A press release explained the pair had decided to steer themselves away from the jagged but melodic post-punk style of Wire in favour of a more a more ambient approach that used the "studio as instrument."

Originally delivered through 4AD in 1980 was the partnership's 3R4 LP, which Superior Viaduct re-releases on vinyl January 20. The four-song album "eschews melody and structure in favor of ambient-noise soundscapes, metallic textures, and tense moods," and is suggested for fans of Faust and David Lynch soundtracks. This is the first time the album has been put into print since its original release.

Also due January 20 is follow-up single "Ends with the Sea" from 1981, which had likewise been served up through 4AD. While the full-length had been filled with "cinematic soundscapes," the 7-inch returned to more song-based structures, using "icy vocals, detached guitar lines and even a faint industrial vibe" across its two songs.

You'll find the tracklisting info for both releases, as well as excerpts of 3R4's "R" and the single's title track, down below.


1. Barge Calm
2. 3. 4...
3. Barge Calm
4. R

Ends with the Sea:

1. Ends With The Sea
2. Hung Up To Dry Whilst Building An Arch