Brothers In Sound Family Is For Sharing

Here is where the Beta Band comparisons begin. Brothers In Sound are a trio from Britain who share the same record label (Regal Recordings) and sound with Scotland's beloved heroes the Beta Band. This, their debut full-length release, is a compilation of the bands first three EPs. But that's where similarities end. This compilation also adds two remixes of two of the tracks, one by Badly Drawn Boy's Twisted Nerve label-mates Sirconical. The band mixes dubby beats, sleepy vocals and strange sound effects that should be anthems for the lethargic. At times the music reaches heights of beauty, like "Sleep Again," a song driven by pure idleness and complete relaxation. At times the words "sleep again" seem like good advice. The nice thing about this band, which makes this album more than a compilation, is how nicely the songs mix into one another. Unlike many band history compilations, there is no insinuated early career moments where their sound was less developed. All and all, this does for Brothers In Sound what The Three EP's did for the Beta Band, which is present hard to find material to a wider audience to help gain a fan base and record sales. (Regal)