Brother JT3 Way To Go

John Terlesky has been plying his trade as a premier axe man of the garage-adelic variety for over a decade now, both as front man for stellar, and now extinct, garage rock outfit Original Sins; and as Brother JT on ten solo albums released throughout the ’90s. His latest effort seems to have found its way onto the Drag City label via Royal Trux couple Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema (credited as Adam and Eve) who produced the album. The Royal duo obviously have a great ear for raw emotion when given strong material to work with, ‘cause Way To Go kicks the ass of anything the Trux have mustered on recent outings. JT’s yearning and evocative guitar skronk walks the walk with its wailing fuzz power and expressive melodicism. Although limited, his thin voice takes on an aching quality when tempting the more melodic terrain and barks like the best when raising the roof. These neo-psychedelic tracks rawk with a fierce and otherworldly tension capable of teaching your soul a thing or two about rock’n’roll. (Drag City)