Bronze One Just Add Water EP

Toronto producer Bronze One proves himself to be a talented beat maker on this EP release, bringing his own style to the table while managing to cater to the style of different MCs. His affinity for vibes and jazz guitar licks augmented by live instrumentation is reminiscent of Resurrection-era Common and lends itself to introspective subject matter. Addressing this, Bronze One shrewdly connects with Toronto’s talented Pangea Project crew for two tracks. "Face of History (Father)” speaks explicitly of paternal guidance through MC Natural’s eyes and Kamau’s crooned chorus while "Sunshowers (Sweet Music)” teams Pangea Project MCs Equinox 199 and Yaseen to poetically meditate on motivations, aspirations and happiness. Bronze One’s own crew Notes To Self however aren’t to be forgotten. They appear on "Low Ceilings,” which details the frustrations of a devoted hip-hop head. Clever refrains and the crafty "Being John Malkovich” scratches ensure the well-worn topic matter is given an intelligently fresh approach. Bronze One’s promising future isn’t just indicated in the sound production foundation, but also by the ability to thematically present a path to individuality through a number of voices. (Course of Study)