Bronze Nazareth The Unknown

I don’t think Bronze Nazareth has acquired enough notoriety to sell a shoddy, grainy album like The Unknown, featuring himself and Kevlaar 7. The songs were recorded between 1995 and 2000 on a shoestring budget, and sound like it. Lyrically, Bronze drops science as he normally does but he and Kevlaar do it the way rookies would — off-beat and forced, with sloppy backups. Production-wise, it shows that he’s always had an ear for the dreary dungeon samples that attracted the RZA to him but The Unknown beats are over-looped and lazy. No fan deserves to spend money on this import. This is the third time The Unknown has been released. For the re-re-reissue, they should probably wait until Bronze gets a Grammy or something more prestigious than just the Wu affiliation. (Templar Label Group)