Bronze Nazareth The Great Migration

Don’t look now but we could be on the verge of a Wu-Tang renaissance. Output from Masta Killa, Mathematics as well as Ghostface’s Fishscale, not to mention the anticipation surrounding Raekwon’s new material and the Think Differently comp has urged heads to take notice again of what the Staten Island crew and their affiliates are up to again. Bronze Nazareth is one of those affiliates. A producer by trade and a former RZA protégé, Bronze Nazareth manages to forge his own path on this record with his beats and rhymes. While he’s not the most agile MC, Bronze Nazareth knows exactly how to connect with his dark and foreboding soul-drenched beats. A prime example is "Good Morning (A Nice Hell)” where he flips the same David Axelrod sample Dr. Dre did on the "The Next Episode,” transforming it into an epic yet morbid meditation on death. Even the defacto love song on the record, "One Plan” featuring MC Byata, is imbued with the aura of struggle. This characteristic is present throughout and fuels the record and comes to a boiling point on "Hear What I Say!” a pointed yet truthful industry critique. The message could have rung hollow especially if his own material wasn’t up to par, but Bronze Nazareth has earned the right to be heard. (Babygrande)