Bronx Cheerleader Tough Guy Clichés

Although the absolutely lovely and inventive packaging compliments the discs’ title due to its’ stark depictions of mobsters and cops, the style of music couldn’t be farther from the titular literary devices. This music, beautifully crafted by main man S.D. Warren, reminds of the gentle pop stylings of the Clientele or similar Brit bands that ply their wares with hushed emotions and acoustic strums. Putting this on at a party may not be the best idea, but if you’re looking for something to sink your self-pitying teeth into, then you can’t go wrong here. "Racing Time” isn’t just dedicated to Elliott Smith, as Warren’s voice lovingly emulates the late man’s sing-speak along with the perfect driving pop beat. For the epic dream-like centrepiece, look to "The Assault” that allows the falsetto to soar and stimulate the introspection. Throughout Tough Guy Clichés there’s always a nagging familiarity, but it can easily be put aside. For those looking for a great slice of oozing sincerity, there probably won’t be as confident and driven statement of emotion as Bronx Cheerleader concoct here. (Yummy)