Broken Spindles Inside/Absent

Joel Peterson, also known as the bassist for the Faint, takes an artistic step forward in his latest endeavour under the Broken Spindles guise. This third release achieves a mellow, unassuming sound with Peterson’s goal this time around being to present music that speaks honestly. Kicking off the album is a detached piano solo entitled "Inward,” setting the mood for a subconsciously attacking listening experience. Peterson’s work is raw and voyeuristic, giving us a glimpse into the soul of an artist trying to cope with everyday frustrations. From the gentle anguish of "This is an Introduction” to the simple synth-driven "Painted Boy Face,” Peterson reinforces his stylish presence through a mixture of low-key and high tempo tracks. "Please Don’t Remember This” takes us into the realm of breathy vocals and upbeat electronics. "Anniversary” takes us into a more sorrow-filled realm that climaxes with a beautifully bizarre transition from depressing to frantic. Fans of the Fulfilled/Complete album will likely have difficulty adjusting to Peterson’s change of pace. The results of his progressions, however, are equally pleasurable. (Saddle Creek)