Broken Social Scene and Sea and Cake Team Up for Split Seven-Inch

Broken Social Scene and Sea and Cake Team Up for Split Seven-Inch
A couple of weeks ago, if you asked us what we were bringing back from Broken Social Scene and the Sea and Cake's current tour, we would have answered: "memories." Now, if we're lucky, we can keep the dream alive all day, every day with a new self-released split seven-inch the outfits have just teamed up for.

Following Sea and Cake drummer John McEntire's production work on Broken Social Scene's latest opus, Forgiveness Rock Record, which featured guest vocals from Sea and Cake singer Sam Prekop, the Chicago act keep up their current collaboration with Toronto, ON's BSS via the vinyl release. And by the sounds of things, working with the veteran indie jazz outfit has been a dream come true for Canada's premier music collective.

"We are very honoured to be touring with the Sea and Cake this fall and so in celebration of this fact, a split 7" limited edition single is here for you now," BSS co-founder Brendan Canning said in a press release.

Two exclusive tracks will be featured on the platter. Broken Social Scene offer up "Curse Your Fail," which was recorded by McEntire during the Forgiveness Rock Record sessions but didn't make the final cut, while the Sea and Cake dole out "Skies."

According to Canning, it's not just the music that's keeping the bands together. "Eric Claridge, bass player of TSAC, was gracious enough to let us use a couple of his paintings for the artwork [see above]," he added.

Though the record won't officially be released until October 26, hopefully the bands will have some copies lying around their merch tables. If not, the slab of wax can be pre-ordered here.

As if all this wasn't enough, anyone looking to further refine their Broken Social Scene experience should check out the band at the Cinderella: Rock the Ball concert in Toronto, ON on October 29. According to a Globe and Mail report, the rockers will tackle a number of well-known opera selections. As ritzy as this sounds, can we really expect Kevin Drew's scraggly style to be dropped for the black tie affair? Not to mention one that comes with $150 tickets.