Broken Social Scene, K'naan Play Vancouver 2010 Concert Series

Broken Social Scene, K'naan Play Vancouver 2010 Concert Series
With Vancouver's 2010 Games just around the corner, the one-year countdown has begun. And while for some this will undoubtedly lead to more moans and groans, it's hard to be anything but pleased with the upcoming music series.

As part of the Cultural Olympiad, a slew of Canadian bands have been roped in to treat Vancouver to some live musical action, including such Exclaim! favourites as Broken Social Scene, Chad VanGaalen, the Besnard Lakes, Thunderheist, Julie Doiron and our current cover star K'naan. All these acts and several more will be playing in the city during the coming weeks and all to build on the Canadian alt-pop portion of the Cultural Olympiad's 2009 program.

Now, by this point, you may be asking yourself what exactly is this so-called Cultural Olympiad. Well, according to the website, it's "a celebration of the contemporary imagination," which features three multi-disciplinary festivals. Okay, yeah, we don't totally get that definition either, so perhaps it's best to think of the 2009 edition as seven weeks of arts programming that ranges from Asian puppetry to Italian opera to all these bands playing in Vancouver.

To see a complete list of the Cultural Olympiad events happening during the next few weeks, you can visit its website.

Here are several of the concerts lined up:

2/6 Vancouver, BC -€“ Orpheum Theatre w/ Broken Social Scene, Tegan and Sara 2/13 Vancouver, BC -€“ Biltmore w/ George Leach, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Sherry Ryan
2/19 Vancouver, BC -€“ Commodore w/ Bell Orchestre, Beast, the Besnard Lakes
2/21 Vancouver, BC -€“ Biltmore w/ Shad, Fond of Tigers
2/25 Vancouver, BC -€“ Waterfront Theatre w/ Ron Hynes, David Myles, Jillian Lebeck
2/26 Vancouver, BC -€“ Waterfront Theatre w/ Nathan Wiley, Rebekah Higgs, Jen Lane
2/27 Vancouver, BC -€“ Commodore w/ Chad VanGaalen, Hawksley Workman
2/27 Vancouver, BC -€“ Waterfront Theatre w/ Christine Fellows, Asani, Indio Saravanja
2/28 Vancouver, BC -€“ Waterfront Theatre w/ Steve Dawson, Hannah Georgas, Kim Beggs
2/28 Vancouver, BC -€“ Biltmore w/ Thunderheist, Cadence Weapon
3/06 Vancouver, BC -€“ Biltmore w/ Said the Whale, Karkwa, Lucie Idlout
3/11 Vancouver, BC -€“ Commodore w/ Esthero, K'naan
3/13 Vancouver, BC -€“ Biltmore w/ the Sadies, Julie Doiron
3/14 Vancouver, BC -€“ Biltmore w/ the Sadies, Rich Hope
3/20 Vancouver, BC -€“ Biltmore w/ Alex Cuba, Zapato Negro