Broken Social Scene Get in Touch with Pavement and the Art of Forgiveness for Toronto Island Concert

Broken Social Scene Get in Touch with Pavement and the Art of Forgiveness for Toronto Island Concert
Broken Social Scene have proven that their "comeback" has been an anticipated one. Not only did they recently win the title of the best-selling album in Canada for Forgiveness Rock Record, but they also pulled an in-store marathon in Toronto, playing four record shops in one day. However, what could be the band's crowning achievement in 2010 is their (mostly) annual full-day concert on Toronto's Olympic Island.

On June 19, Broken Social Scene are amongst the day's many performers, along with Beach House, Zeus and Band of Horses. However, it's the appearance of the recently reunited indie legends and headliners Pavement that has made the event such a significant one.

In an Exclaim! interview, BSS bassist Brendan Canning says the addition of Pavement suited the band's tradition. "I think it was very fitting to our 'comeback' as it were and to the Island," he explains. "It's not only Pavement, it's a solid bill all around. And I guess because we have a song called 'Ibi Dreams of Pavement,' and we had a band with [Pavement's] Scott [Kannberg] called Human Milk for the Sled Island Festival."

Adds Kevin Drew, "Pavement's back together because of forgiveness so why not bring them out! Know what I'm saying? Let's get in tune with the world."

Having previously brought the likes of a then-reunited Dinosaur Jr. and Modest Mouse to these Island concerts, to Canning it was a way of paying homage to the band's heroes.

"I think it's the sort of the piece of the puzzle of all the influences in this band," he says. "Like Dinosaur Jr., Modest Mouse, Tortoise [whose John McEntire co-produced Forgiveness Rock Record] and Pavement."

Drew feels that being around these reformed bands has helped Broken Social Scene respect what they have. "Playing with the bands that have gotten back together was very educational for us," he says. "I know a lot of people harped on me for saying we'd break up, but it was totally on the table there for a while.

"We talked to Scott a lot before Pavement got back together, about the things he needed to do to make it work again, how it had fallen out and how it was up to Malkmus. But that's the best thing to be around, it was like an education. It all comes down to communication. And men, they know how to destroy more than they do communicate. It's nice to see and I think it's a great vibe for us, because every band goes up and down. But here we are..."

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