Broken Social Scene Drop Word on New Album, Explain Olympic Island Cancellation

Broken Social Scene Drop Word on New Album, Explain Olympic Island Cancellation
Just as Canada was getting ready to go into full-on holiday mode, Broken Social Scene dropped quite the exciting little update. Apparently, the many guys and gals of the much-loved Toronto collective are back together and working on their first album under the BSS banner since 2005's self-titled release.

In a Friday (May 15) post by BSS ringleader/songwriter Kevin Drew, he gave the heads-up that the band are currently recording their fourth album proper at Soma Electronic Music Studios in Chicago, with post-rock production whiz John McEntire (Tortoise, the Sea and Cake, Stereolab and countless others).

"We did a one-day session with John last October and it was a perfect fit," Drew wrote. "This plan has been in the works for nine months and it has all come together quite sweetly in the moments leading up to being here; he is a hero of ours when it comes to recordings, so it seems very balanced that we are here.

"We spent the last couple of weeks at Chuck Spearin's house/rehearsal space/backyard writing tunes, drinking coffees, hanging with the family... and now it's time for the record button."

Along with dropping this welcomed bit of news, Drew went on to shed some light on just why Broken Social Scene were recently forced to call off their upcoming show at Toronto's Olympic Island. As Drew explains, the music fest this year was to fall on July 11, which is the same weekend as the noise-generating, chaos-inducing Honda Indy Toronto (formerly known as the Molson Indy).

Drew writes: "The racetrack runs on Lake Shore Boulevard and is the noisiest fucking thing going and beyond irritating... sorry, racecar fans. For us to ask Rattlesnake Choir, Apostle of Hustle and Beach House to play while the sounds of racecars roar across the lake is absolutely ridiculous and insulting.

"The audience would have to put up with the sounds of racecars the whole day, a rumored ferry workers strike, not to mention all the fucking traffic while some of our main streets by the lake are shutdown. The promoters were also worried about ticket count up to this point, and so began the evaluation of the weekend. The day is supposed to be yours, ours, the lakes and the people of Toronto and beyond. It was starting to look like trouble so we all decided to shut it down. It was hard to do."

So there you go, you can blame race cars for no Olympic Island Festival this year.

On the bright side, the band have arranged a free concert on the same day, July 11, "after all the car racing is done for the day." Drew says some of the original acts from the cancelled show will play, and "it should be a lot of fun."