Broken Nine Inch Nails Guitar Up For Sale On eBay

Broken Nine Inch Nails Guitar Up For Sale On eBay
Oh the joys of eBay. While trolling for ways to blow our cash yesterday, we came across a gem of an item: a totally smashed, totally unplayable guitar once supposedly owned by Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor . And it's a steal! This Reznor leftover, or "ultimate piece of memorabilia" if you agree with the item description, is going for only $1,900 U.S. (or $2,400 of our weakened Canadian dollars).

The guitar is listed as a "Buy It Now" item and has been on eBay for almost a month with no takers. However, the auction ends soon, so now is the time to bid.

Here's what the item description (which has been cleaned up by one of our copy editors) has to say about this smashed Reznor guitar:

"Up for your consideration we have this rare, one of a kind concert-smashed Trent Reznor guitar. This is a Charvel Jackson guitar that Trent used to play back in the early days of NIN. This is certified by Marky Ray, the production manager for NIN back in those days. This was a pre-Lollapalooza concert estimated between 2/1990-02/1991, which was the second headlining tour of Nine Inch Nails. Marky Ray has covered the guitar body in his trademark crazy-guy artwork to match the certificate. This is a very rare thing as some of the guitars Trent smashed were fixed so he could play them again. As you can see, this one was beyond repair. This is an ultimate piece of memorabilia for the NIN fans out there. The guitar is in three separate pieces; there are no strings. The COA comes framed and signed by Marky Ray."

Yeah, we had no idea who this Marky Ray guy was either. But according to his MySpace page's About Me (which is about 2,000 words long), Ray is a zen master, rock'n'roll mercenary, artist, actor, model, voiceover talent, MC, college professor, rock music historian, collector, and "all around Crazy Ass Freak!"

Up next for sale: a bag of Reznor guitar splinters, a single shattered key from his old Nord Lead 2, a Rezor-chewed Chicklet.

Thanks to Spinner for the heads-up on this auction.

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