Broken English Club White Rats II

Broken English Club White Rats II
For 23 years, Oliver Ho has explored virtually every form of electronic music, from dance floor-friendly techno to funky breakbeats to jazz fusion. On White Rats II, his second LP as Broken English Club, the British musician continues to keep even his most fervent followers at bay with a collection of dark veneered and menacing industrial.
Throughout this 12-track/45-minute LP, Ho utilizes compressed synth lines, throbbing bass lines and eerie repetition on numbers like the punishing "Domestic Animals," the 8-bit "Vacant Cars" and the stuttering closer "Waves in Silver."
Yet underneath the icy coating, White Rats II is a straight-up dance album, as Ho keeps things forward-moving and rhythmic throughout. As Ho manages to craft an airtight industrial techno album, his attempts to make it sonically dark and mysterious come off less convincing, as his sampled voices, screams, spoken word and chants come off like a bit of a parody.
On White Rats II, Oliver Ho continues to expand his musical palate, one dark wave at a time. (L.I.E.S. Records)