Broadway Project The Vessel

White noise, record skips, lush sitars, jungle screams and vinyl pops make Broadway Project's second album, The Vessel, an intriguing listen. And if you are into academically deciphering all the sounds producer Daniel Berridge uses to create the ten collage/songs on The Vessel, you'll have a field day with the headphones. Berridge's studio is his canvas and he fills his palette with seemingly endless tonal textures. It is as if many of these tracks were the result of a collision on some multicultural highway with moody British DJs and introspective Sufi musician mystics. Comparisons to Portishead are imminent, especially with the addition of Richard Palmer on androgynous vocals, and the record's first single, "I Believe in Superman," wears this comparison well. The point is a little too worn by the end of the record though, as song after song uses the same atmospheric devices and strays little from the formula set out on track one. (Memphis Industries)