Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham L'Avventura

Were this a Luna album proper, it would be the third full-length release for Dean Wareham and co. in a little over a year. Maybe that’s part of the reason why Wareham and Luna bass player Britta Phillips opted to go this one alone. At any rate, fans of the band’s more mellow, romantic inclinations ought to enjoy this string-laden, Gainsbourg-esque outing that boasts the production charm of legendary studio master Tony Visconti (Bowie, T.Rex, Stranglers), who also plays and arranges on several tracks as well. Further setting L’Avventura aside from the Luna catalogue is the disc’s propensity towards cover versions. No fewer than four of these titles fit that bill, penned as they were by the likes of Madonna ("I Deserve It”), Buffy St. Marie ("Moonshot”), the Doors ("Indian Summer”) and Mazzy Star precursor, Opal ("Hear the Wind Blow”). Though comparisons to Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra may be a little generous, this pair isn’t far off the mark. Here’s hoping all this candle light and sophistication doesn’t come at the expense of the duo’s better known unit. (Jetset)