British Sea Power The Decline of British Sea Power

The front-man’s name is Yan, they’re into bird watching and they dedicated their album to Geoff Goddard. British Sea Power is an aberration of literary playfulness and barmy histrionics keen to remind listeners that Britain didn’t just spawn the Clash and the Beatles, but Genesis and Bowie, too. In truth, we get a touch of everything here: tales of "gymnastic whores, down on all fours,” glorified noodling on "Lately” (clocking in at an absurd 14 minutes) and the John Hughes film-fodder of "Carrion” all glued together by Yan’s dyspnoeic whisper and unabashed artistic indulgence. And I doubt that they care whether you like it or not (although I do). A welcome change from three chords and a haircut. (Rough Trade)