British Columbia to End Beer Garden Restrictions at Festivals

British Columbia to End Beer Garden Restrictions at Festivals
Here's some good news for British Columbia festivalgoers who spend large portions of their summer cooped up in fenced-off beer garden: soon, provincial liquor restrictions will be lifted to allow fans to drink anywhere on festival grounds. Mixed drinks will also be introduced.

A press release from the province's Ministry of Justice reveals that these more lenient laws are part of a new set of recommendations to BC's liquor policy review. The government supports all of the recommendations.

The announcement reads, "Once legislative changes are made, festivalgoers will be able to roam the grounds with a pint, rather than being restricted to a cordoned-off beer garden. This will help decrease costs for festival organizers and allow parents with kids to enjoy a beer and remain with their family, as they might at a hockey game. In addition, mixed spirit drinks — rather than only beer, wine, cider and cooler products — will also be permitted at events like music festivals and regattas, with continued restriction of sales to minors."

This will also benefit music fans who go to arena shows, since those large venues will also now be allowed to serve spirit-based drinks. Currently, only those in private boxes and premium seats can order the hard stuff.

The new laws might even benefit some touring bands, too, since hotel patrons will be allowed to carry their drinks from the building's bar or restaurant back to their rooms. Alcoholic room service hours will also be extended.

The announcement promises that policy work and implementation planning "will be done over the coming months."

Read the news release here.

Thanks to the Georgia Straight for the tip.