Bricolage Prep Their Slumberland Debut

Bricolage Prep Their Slumberland Debut
With Slumberland now back on the up-and-up, the home of Crystal Stilts and the Pains of Being Pure of Heart has announced it's signed a new bunch of indie-poppers, and this time they're from nowhere near Brooklyn. The group, in fact, hail from Glasgow and are called Bricolage. They've already released their "Turn U Over" seven-inch on the label, and on May 12 Slumberland will give the group's self-titled album a domestic release in North American.

The Scottish four-piece recorded their debut full-length alongside former Altered Image guitar man Stephen Lironi and clearly show they are in love with Postcard Records' "Sound of Young Scotland," taking big cues from countrymen such as Orange Juice, Fire Engines and even Franz Ferdinand. To cut and paste from Bricolage's press release: "This is pop full of melody, verve and wit - for a modern world that is about to discover how badly it needed it."

There are no live North American dates yet for these Bricolage lads, but here's the tracklisting to their record:

1. "Bayonets"
2. "Flowers of Deceit"
3. "Footsteps"
4. "Plots Are for Cemeteries"
5. "The Spoilsport's Retort"
6. "Looting Takes the Waiting out of Wanting"
7. "A Terrible Souvenir"
8. "Turn U Over"
9. "6th Form Poet"
10. "On the Omnibuses"
11. "Sleepwalk to Me"
12. "The Waltzers"