Brian Wilson Signs Book Deal for New Memoir

Brian Wilson Signs Book Deal for New Memoir
A biopic about Brian Wilson is already in the works, and Beach Boys fans will get even more insight into the songwriting genius' troubled life thanks to a forthcoming autography.

Wilson has signed a Canadian book deal with Random House Canada and will collaborate on the tome with Rolling Stone/Men's Journal editor Jason Fine. (It will come out through Da Capo Press in the U.S. and Coronet in the UK.) Evidently the project is still in its early stages, since it's not due out until the fall of 2015. According to the Guardian, it will be called I Am Brian Wilson.

The book will reportedly highlight the highs and lows of Wilson's tumultuous life. According to a press release, it will cover subjects ranging "from his tumultuous relationship with his father, the loss of his mother and brothers, his fears about live performance, and the struggles he faced to lead the Beach Boys away from surf music into experimental terrain to his remarkable personal and professional comeback from drug addiction and mental illness with the support of his second wife, Melinda."

This isn't the first book to be billed as a Brian Wilson memoir. He released Wouldn't It Be Nice: My Own Story in 1990, although reports have indicated that it wasn't actually written by Wilson.

Wilson said in a statement, "I've been working harder in the last ten years than I ever did in my whole career. And I love it! I love working. I started the Beach Boys when I was still in high school, and I guess I've never spent too much time thinking about all the things we went through — all the good times and bad times. I don't like to dwell on the bad times, it makes me sad in my heart. But I feel a little stronger now. And I'm feeling a little bit like maybe now is a good time to look back."