Brian Eno To Score Peter Jackson's Adaptation of The Lovely Bones

Brian Eno To Score Peter Jackson's Adaptation of <i>The Lovely Bones</i>
Brian Eno has announced that he's heading to the movies. According to Paramount, the 60-year-old ambient maestro has signed on to score Peter Jackson's upcoming film, titled The Lovely Bones, and will get an "Original Music By" credit in The Lord of the Rings director's latest project.

The Lovely Bones is an adaptation of author Alice Sebold's novel of the same name, and centres upon a girl who is viciously raped and murdered, and then watches the effects her death has on her family from heaven, The Playlist reports [via The Daily Swarm]. Cast in the movie are Saoirse Ronan, Rachel Weisz, Susan Sarandon and Mark Wahlberg (who reportedly replaced Ryan Gosling because Jackson found the Canadian actor to be "difficult").

The Jackson film won't mark Eno's first adventure in celluloid, with the former Roxy Music member and Talking Heads collaborator scoring the 2005 Adrien Brody film The Jacket and having his music prominently featured in such flicks as Trainspotting, Clean and this year's Boarding Gate.

The Lovely Bones has a tentative release date of December 11, 2009, and will mark Jackson's first picture since 2005's King Kong. According to the good ol' IMDB, the director is also working on film adaptations of the Belgian comic Tintin, the videogame Halo and The Hobbit, as well as its sequel.

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