Brian Eno Teams Up with Underworld's Karl Hyde for New LP

Brian Eno Teams Up with Underworld's Karl Hyde for New LP
Underworld mastermind Karl Hyde and production master Brian Eno have been circling in on a full-on collaboration for some time. Eno appeared on Underworld's 2011 song "Beebop Hurry," then remixed "Slummin' It for the Weekend," a track from Hyde's Edgeland solo album, last year. The crossover between the two has gotten significantly more substantial, however, as they've just announced an album-length collaboration.

Called Someday World, the LP features nine new songs from the duo, who are simply performing as Eno • Hyde. It was produced by Eno and Fred Gibson.

Warp will release Someday World on May 5. It will be available on CD, gatefold vinyl and as a digital download. There will also be a special edition double CD release.

In a statement, Eno had this to say of the collaboration:

A lot of the nicer cities I know are cities built on hills, and the cities are beautiful because the buildings have a challenge to adapt to. They have to mould themselves around the geology that they've formed upon. And that always makes for very interesting buildings, because they can't just be blocks, they have to somehow morph around the environment. A lot of the constructions on the album were deliberately irregular and awkward.

  I had a big collection of 'beginnings' sitting around waiting for something to galvanise them into life, to make them more than just 'experiments.' That something turned out to be Karl Hyde.

The tracklisting for Someday World is available below. The album can be pre-ordered on iTunes here.

Someday World:

1. The Satellites
2. Daddy's Car
3. A Man Wakes Up
4. Witness
5. Strip It Down
6. Mother of a Dog
7. Who Rings the Bell
8. When I Built This World
9. To Us All