Brian Eno Teams Up with Tom Rogerson for New Album

You can get a taste of their collaborative work with the newly shared song "Motion in Field"
Brian Eno Teams Up with Tom Rogerson for New Album
Following this year's Reflection album, Brian Eno is getting into the collaborative spirit with a new album with pianist Tom Rogerson. Titled Finding Shore, the joint record is due out on December 8 via Dead Oceans.

According to a press release, the pair met by chance outside a washroom at a show. It explains, "Upon meeting Eno, the pair didn't speak about music at all, but bonded over their roots in the Suffolk town of Woodbridge, located on the strange flat landscape of Eastern England, all heathland, military testing sites, estuary mud and the site of the ancient Sutton Hoo ship burial."

That said, the chance meeting did eventually lead to Finding Shore, which is described as "is the sound of Rogerson distilling the essence of what he does after a protracted musical journey from childhood until now."

The PR adds, "Eno's influence on Finding Shore began by enabling Rogerson to overcome his fear of committing any one piece to its own album. As a way to open Rogerson up, Eno suggested they try experimenting with the Piano Bar, an obscure piece of Moog gear that works by using infrared beams focused on each piano key; these are then broken as the keys are played, transforming the piano's note into a midi signal that can then be used to trigger or generate new, digital sound. As Rogerson improvised at the piano, Eno improvised with the midi signal to create a unique piece of music."

You can get a taste of what's in store via the newly shared track "Motion in Field," which you can find below the tracklist.

Finding Shore:

1. Idea of Order at Kyson Point
2. Motion in Field
3. On-ness
4. March Away
5. Eastern Stack
6. Minor Rift
7. The Gabbard
8. Red Slip
9. Quoit Blue
10. Marsh Chorus
11. An Iken Loop
12. Chain Home
13. Rest