Brian Eno: "I'm not signed up to Twitter"

Brian Eno: "I'm not signed up to Twitter"
Despite everyone jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, there are some real flaws in this whole micro-blogging craze, especially when it comes to following celebrities. As Exclaim! recently found out the hard way, not everyone out there Twittering is who they say they are, like, for example, the individual who owns the Twitter account

Following our story earlier this week, "Brian Eno and Alan McGee Start Twitter Brawl," Brian Eno himself emailed Exclaim! to inform us he has no connection whatsoever with the above Twitter account and is in no way engaged in any "Twitter-fest" with one-time Creation Records head Alan McGee. In fact, Eno says he isn't even signed up to Twitter.

Here's what an obviously annoyed Eno had to say to us:

You published, as did many other sites, the exciting news that I was engaged in a twitter-fest with Alan Mcgee.

I'm not. I'm not signed up to twitter.

Alan Mcgee is arguing with someone, but it isn't me.

You might think it boringly bureaucratic to check your facts, but it's nowhere near as boring as the several hundred conversations I'm now going to have with people who will eagerly ask me how the argument I'm not having with Alan Mcgee is going. Perhaps I could refer them to you?

Brian Eno

So assuming someone isn't now posing as Eno with a false email account, it appears as if it's our bad on this one. And for that, we apologize to Mr. Eno.

Still, it seems the real bad guy in this whole thing is the person running that Eno Twitter account, who by the way is still out there bickering back and forth with McGee.