Brian Eno Designs "Healing Environment" via Hospital Sound Installations

Brian Eno Designs "Healing Environment" via Hospital Sound Installations
Brian Eno has arguably soothed the souls of many over his 40-plus years of sonic innovation, but the British musician is now specifically putting his ambient soundscaping skills to work for hospital patients with some new sound installations.

As the Independent reports, today (April 18) marks the launch of two separate UK sound installations at the Montefiore Hospital in Hove, east Sussex, that provide a "healing environment" via the use of specially produced sounds.

Apparently, the two rooms offer "three dimensional, all-embracing means of treating patients," and are intended to evoke a "serene atmosphere." The first installation, "77 Million Paintings for Montefiore," incorporates lights and a constantly changing selection of "generative music" that will apparently never repeat.

"Quiet Room for Montefiore," meanwhile, features a more finite soundtrack scored by Eno, with the room acting as a place for patients, visitors and staff "to think, take stock or simply relax."

"Creating a healing environment isn't only about correct surgical procedures and the right technology but also about making an atmosphere where the patients feel able to relax enough to clearly think through their options, and to properly take part in the healing process themselves," architects IBI Nightingale said in a statement about the project.

A spokesperson for Eno added that the sound artist has plans to work on more "healing environments," stating: "Since word about this broke in the architectural world there have been four different architects who work specifically in the design of hospitals who have expressed particular interest in Brian's installations. I believe they have already visited the Montefiore Hospital. Brian may well get involved with more hospitals."

While news of the project may intrigue longtime fans, it's quite possible you should count yourself lucky if you never actually get to hear these specific pieces. "It's true to say that 'The Quiet Room for Montefiore' is an album that can only be heard in the Montefiore Hospital," the spokesperson said.