Brews Willis Silver Dollar Room, Toronto, ON, March 19

Brews WillisSilver Dollar Room, Toronto, ON, March 19
Photo: Ian Gormely
Brews Willis hit the stage like a band with nothing to prove. This was, after all, their hometown and they'd just released a brand-spanking new EP on top of a still-hot-out-of-the-oven debut album that lead singer/guitarist Ross Carvelli handed out to audience members between songs. They opened with the appropriately snotty "Hell No Fuck You," setting the tone for their set. Playing surf-inflected pop punk with titles like "Big Fat Tits Veronica," the trio sounded like a long-lost member of the Lookout Records roster. Yet their nonplussed demeanour stood in contrast to the lyrical content of the material that sounded far more energetic than the band appeared. Brews Willis played well to a receptive audience, but it would have been nice to see a little more enthusiasm from both sides.