Brent Randall and Those Magnificent Pinecones We Were Strangers In Paddington Green

With more than 20 musicians (his Magnificent Pinecones) contributing to his album, Brent Randall is not someone that could be accused of doing anything half-heartedly. Yet even with such a sprawling collection of people, he manages to retain his focus to create an impressive debut album that will no doubt win him quite a few new fans. We Were Strangers In Paddington Green is a lush record, with every song expertly arranged, making it a gorgeous record to listen to. The main problem is that it occasionally veers a little too far into cabaret mode and while someone like Rufus Wainwright can get away with that, this is far too earnest an endeavour to walk that particular line convincingly. When it sticks to the orchestral pop beloved by the likes of the Pearlfishers and fellow Haligonians the Heavy Blinkers, it really is rather good, despite losing a little bit of steam towards the end. (Endearing)