Breaking Point Coming Of Age

On occasion a band will benefit from my bad habits. One of these bad habits is "inactive listening." I am sure you all know it; it is when you put a disc on in the car or at work and proceed to turn it down so you aren't really listening to it. Memphis-based Breaking Point was given several chances to grow on me (more than most) because I keep putting it on in those situations that aren't designed for true listening. But grow on me their debut CD, Coming of Age, did. I'm not sure if it is the unoffending nature of vocalist Brett Erickson, or the positive lyrical content, but there was just something about this disc that I liked the more I listened to it. Each song seems to talk about how someone rises from the bad times. The most refreshing part is that each word seems to come from an honest place. I feel like Breaking Point has lived through some bad times and that this record is a true triumph for them. Sometimes that is enough. (Sony)