Breakestra Hit the Floor

It’s been four years since Breakestra released their fantastic homage to hip-hop break beats on Stones Throw, but this time they are proving that they belong near the top amongst contemporary funk outfits. With Hit the Floor, Miles Tackett and his orchestra have penned their own compositions rather than busting out eight bars of breaks, but a good handful lack the energy that was found on "Getcha Soul Together,” their best attempt at an original recording from 1999. Not to diss Mixmaster Wolf’s crooning abilities, because they really are top-notch, but Hit the Floor works best when the band bust out the instrumentals, lending more time to variety and having the horn section take the lead. The best moment comes when Jurassic 5’s Chali 2na and Zaakir team up with Double K of People Under the Stairs for "Family Rap,” as these fantastic MCs spit over a neck-snapping tempo with sure shot results. More moments like this would have been appreciated, but Hit the Floor is still a good addition to the crop of emerging young artists doing this world a great service by keeping funk alive. (Ubiquity)