BR/DGES 'Love and Hate' (EP stream)

BR/DGES'Love and Hate' (EP stream)
Moneen frontman Kenny Bridges is crossing into a solo career this week via his debut 7-inch as BR/DGES. While you'll have to wait a while before you can slap a vinyl copy onto your turntable, Exclaim! is sharing the emo-rock graduate's latest anthemic effort with an early bird audio stream. You can check out the two-song release right now.

"What Are You Waiting For?" starts off solemnly with a strum of acoustic guitar and shushed, falsetto vocals offering observations like "you might not be doing so well." The track seems to be searching for answers, whether that means a change of pace from these damaged days or re-finding one's stability ("what in the world are you waiting for?/where is the life you've come to know?"). Returning to familiar territory for the Moneen vet, the track crashes into a finale of vibrant rock guitars and smashed cymbals.

Flipside "Save the Best" takes a similar approach, first using the slap-heavy sounds of a cajon and softer six-string work to set the mood before cranking the amps into the red.

Dine-Alone will put BR/DGES's Love and Hate EP up for sale digitally on Friday (August 7), and you can pre-order the 7-inch here. For now, hear the two new tracks in the player below.