Brand New Sin Recipe for Disaster

It’s been said that Brand New Sin encapsulates everything that is right about hard rock. If everything right in hard rock equates to vocals that sound like a furious and bowel-obstructed Scott Stapp, tired mid-tempo Southern rock blues-riffing punctuated by occasional hints of thrash, and enough debased artificial harmonic guitar solo wankery to make Dimebag Darrell roll over in his grave, then yes, Brand New Sin’s Recipe for Disaster is more of everything that’s right about hard rock. This triple-guitar six-piece have been keeping the right company, having recently opened for Corrosion of Conformity and Motörhead on their recent North American tour, but nothing resembling the genius of either of those bands shows up here; whereas COC and Motörhead have defined and continue to define the conventions of their respective genres, Brand New Sin seem inescapably bound to and confined by the conventions of theirs. (Century Media)