Bramwell And the Left Overs Under Ground

A couple months ago, Bramwell and the Left Overs decided to plant their roots in Toronto soil. Before that though, the Edmonton-based folk artists poured themselves into their latest record, Under Ground, creating a mould that undoubtedly reflects the open, airy feel of their former prairie home. Under Ground is an introspective, beautifully crafted album reminiscent of summer days spent on the porch and stormy nights hiding beneath worn cotton blankets. There’s much to be said about vocalist Bramwell Park’s delicate, yet somewhat gruff, voice, but the most alluring aspect of the disc is its relaxed, sauntering pace. "Monkey” will grab you right from the beginning, thanks to the mellow, crisp feel of the band’s minimal instrumental layering, while "Now & Later” trucks alongside the shadows of downtrodden beats. Under Ground might be a reflection of Bramwell and the Left Overs’ wheat and whiskey influences but really, with an album as enjoyable as this one, the only thing that’s being revealed is a natural knack for songwriting. (Independent)